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Welcome to Multi-Verse Madness!

Welcome to Multi-Verse Madness! Ours is a magazine that shares and celebrates the universal nature of Geek and Nerdom the way it was meant to be! Every issue will feature cosplays, ideas by professionals and those just breaking into fandom cultures, fiction created by contributors, and first hand experiences of those who find themselves in the fictional universes we call home! We look forward to helping to bring together the diverse minds and talents that enjoy fandom in the ways they choose, regardless of superficial differences that some argue may visually divide us from those characters that we love so deeply. Why can't there be a dark skinned Wonder Woman in a Justice League cosplay, or a Ms. Spock on the next fantastical voyage of the Starship Enterprises that so many create the world over? We are not here to judge creativity or personal expression, but to feature and promote it to as many people as possible. So all you geeks, nerds, gamers, cinephiles, cosplayers, artists, and writers out there, come join our family by reading, writing to us, and sharing our beloved world that is Multi-Verse Madness!